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About Us

Welcome to the Silk Camel Online store. Yes, we do retail or wholesale, and customer design....


Silk Camel is your one-stop shop for silk products for your life. We offer the best silk comforters, silk blankets, silk scarves, silk pajamas, silk ties, and silk everything.

We understand all it takes to shop around for comparing price and quality of silk products. With SilkCamel, you never need to worry about the quality of the products since we are the world’s largest and top-level manufacturer in the silk industry. By shopping at Silk Camel you have the perfect product at the right price for your bedding, clothing, accessories and gifts.


Besides online retail and wholesale through the USA, we design customized and personalized products for hotels, companies, organizations, groups, and events such as:

  • Luxurious comforters and blankets for hotels
  • Customized scarves or ties for graduate students and teachers from schools (university, college, high school elementary,  and even kindergarten)
  • Personalized scarves or ties for ladies and gentlemen in a lovely big family
  • Special design of iPhone cases for corporation cell phones
  • Customized silk blankets for kids on summer camps
  • Personalized design of silk pajamas for wedding guests

In short, tell us what special events you have, and we'll design and deliver the products to you!


Helping people make their life more healthy, enjoyable and beautiful by connecting them to a natural silk world.

Thank you for your business.


Have any questions or suggestions on how to improve the products? Interested in more silk products? We want to hear from you!

Silk Camel LLC

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